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About Atlas

Research shows that addiction can be treated with the help of certain clinical practices but quality of care varies, and it’s difficult to tell whether facilities are doing the right things. Atlas was created to help people search and compare addiction treatment facilities to find high-quality care for themselves or their loved ones.


Atlas can help you...

Compare treatment facilities to see which provide high-quality addiction care according to the Shatterproof National Principles of Care©, and find the treatment you need based on:

  • Location of the program,
  • Facility protocol to follow best practices,
  • Known information on insurance and alternate methods of payment selected,
  • What groups are served, and
  • The types of treatment services offered.


Atlas is...

A source of reliable information for people seeking treatment and for their loved ones, as well as for providers, health insurers, and others interested in understanding the quality of addiction treatment facilities.

Managed by Shatterproof, a national nonprofit dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in America, Atlas is improving the quality of addiction care nationally by setting clear and transparent expectations and standards.


Want to help Atlas grow?

Atlas now serves 14 states, but Shatterproof plans to expand the tool across the country. You can support Shatterproof in this effort by holding a fundraiser, becoming an ambassador, or working for change in your state.


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