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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Atlas is a tool to help people find addiction treatment options that meet their needs. 

To use Atlas, start by entering in the location (or the specific treatment site) where you would like to receive care.

If you search by location, you will then receive options that can be filtered and compared based upon the treatment services offered and a person’s needs and preferences. Once you have found treatment options that are of interest, explore these options further by clicking on them in the search results and reviewing detailed information available in their profiles.

Anyone who needs help finding addiction treatment options can use Atlas. You may be experiencing addiction yourself or know someone who needs help finding treatment.

Atlas is currently available in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin with plans for continued expansion to additional states.  

No, Atlas does not collect or store any identifying information about you – it is completely anonymous. You are also not required to login to use Atlas.

Nothing – Atlas is free for the public to use.

Atlas was created by Shatterproof, a national non-profit focused on ending the addiction crisis in the U.S. Atlas is not a treatment provider and is not affiliated with any specific treatment sites. Atlas also does not accept funding from treatment sites.

Atlas is primarily funded by states. Other funding sources include national and state-based philanthropies and health insurers. While a funder, health insurers do not have a governance role in this work. 

No – Atlas can be used to find treatment for any substance use disorder, not just opioid addiction. Atlas includes a filter in the search results where you can indicate the substances for which you would like to receive care.

Atlas includes all sites that are licensed to provide addiction treatment in Atlas states. These sites have the option to submit information to display in their Atlas profile or not.

Atlas does not advertise or preference certain treatment sites for a fee on our website, nor does Atlas accept any funding from treatment sites.

If you are a treatment site listed on Atlas and you would like to submit information for your profile, please reach out to us at

Atlas uses multiple sources to gather information on the quality of care available at treatment sites.

One source of information is a treatment site survey, which is completed by site staff. The responses then undergo a multi-step validation process to ensure the accuracy of submitted information.

The second source of information is a patient experience survey, which gathers feedback from people who received care at a specific treatment site. This feedback is collected on Atlas through the “Leave a Review” button at the top of the treatment site’s profile page. This feedback undergoes algorithmic and human reviews before being posted to Atlas.

All information displayed on Atlas is intended to help you understand if a site is offering treatment that is aligned with clinical best practices versus not. Clinical best practices are treatment services that have been shown to improve the health of people with addiction.

Atlas looks at how well treatment sites are aligned with the Shatterproof Principles of Care. The Principles of Care are clinical practices that have shown to help people with addiction.

Learn more about the Principles of Care here.

When searching for treatment, you have the option to click the Help Me Choose button. Help Me Choose asks a short set of questions to get a sense of a person’s treatment needs. These responses are completely anonymous. They are used to provide you with recommendations for the treatment type (for example, outpatient, residential) and services that best meet a person’s needs.

You can answer these questions at any time while on Atlas. You are able to respond for either yourself or for the person that you are helping find treatment.

Atlas allows you to filter treatment options based upon how you would like to pay for care (for example, insurance, self payment). Additional information on payment options is also available in the treatment site’s profile page, assuming the site submitted information to Atlas.

Atlas visitors are strongly encouraged to contact their health insurer prior to engaging in treatment to confirm your coverage.  

Patient feedback is an important part of the information displayed Atlas. We encourage people to leave feedback on their treatment experiences.  

To leave feedback, start by searching for the site where you received care on the Atlas home page. Once you click on that facility in the drop-down, you’ll be taken to site’s profile page where you can select the “Leave a Review” button at the top of the page. From there, you will only need to answer a few short questions about your treatment experiences and submit. Each review is anonymous.

If you have questions or want to learn more about Atlas, please contact us at Want to stay up-to-date on Atlas progress? Email and ask to join our Atlas list serv.  

We look forward to connecting with you!