For mental health emergencies, dial 988.
For medical emergencies, dial 911.

Researchers and experts agree that certain practices and processes in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment – which are included in Shatterproof's National Principles of Care© – are shown to improve patient outcomes. Find resources to help improve the quality of care at your facility, in your state, or in your network based on Shatterproof’s National Principles of Care. Resources are organized by Principle.

Many of these resources are from the Provider’s Clinical Support System (PCSS). Additional resources are also provided. 

If you’re not sure where to begin with quality improvement and want guidance on how to leverage ATLAS data to improve treatment services at your facility, check out the Addiction Treatment Continuous Quality Improvement Virtual Learning Series. This webinar and resource series is specially designed to empower providers to use ATLAS data and to ultimately increase the use of clinical best practices in addiction treatment.

Fast Access to Treatment

Shatterproof is still accepting and vetting resources for supporting improvements in Fast Access to Treatment. If you’d like to submit a free training resource, please email

Long-term Treatment and Follow-up
PCSS Resources
Resources for Providers